Surviving Bucharest

Don't get Messy

Understand our City

Down below you can find a small guide that we’ve prepared for you to read, in which you can understand some basic concepts regarding our culture, country and event guidelines. Try to read it carefully and, if you happen to have any questions left, don’t hesitate to contact us. After-all, we’re just a message away.

First Thing

The Language

The spoken language in Romania is Romanian. Of course the spoken language at the meeting is English! Although most of the Romanian people speak English, knowledge of some basic Romanian can never go amiss! Here are some useful expressions:

Hello = Bună 

Bye = Bye

Thank you! = Mulțumesc! 

Thanks! = Mersi! 

Can you help me? = Poți să mă ajuți? 

Please=Te rog 

Sorry = Scuze 

How are you? = Ce faci? 

How much does it cost? = Cât costa? 

Two beers! = Doua beri! 

To go! = La pachet! 

Turn on the taximeter! = Pe aparat! 

By card = Cu cardul 

By cash = Cash

Second Thing

The Currency

The currency that is used in Romania is the RON/LEI (1 euro=5 ron). ATM machines can be found at several banks in the citycenter of Bucharest. We advise you not to bring more than €100 cash, due to the risk of pickpocketing and/or losing. Don’t worry, you can pay by card mostly everywhere.

Third Thing

The Time

Romanian local time is Eastern European Summer Time (EEST) which is three hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time(GMT).

Fourth Thing

The Weather

April Weather in Bucharest Romania – Daily high temperatures increase from 15°C to 22°C, rarely falling below 9°C or exceeding 26°C. April is one of the best month for visiting Bucharest.

Fifth Thing

Internet Access

Romania has several Internet access providers offering advanced services such as Internet messaging via mobile telephone, Internet paging, international roaming and more. Internet access via Wi-fi hotspots is available almost in every restaurant, café or hotel for free. Of course, we will provide Internet access at the venue.

Sixth Thing

Security Number

The general emergency phone number is 112. In case of urgent emergency, regarding your health or any other matter, please don’t hesitate to dial this number for either police or emergency health services

Seventh Thing

Getting around the City

You have multiple ways to travel in Bucharest:

» By using taxi companies or rideshare services (Bolt & Uber)

» By bus, tram, or trolleybus: Stations, Trips, General Public Transport Informations

» By using the metro: the fee is 3 lei for one trip, on any line. The nearest station to the Accommodation is Izvor Park. Keep in mind that the metro only works from 5:00 in the morning, up until 22:30 in the evening.

Since 2007, more exactly when Romania became an EU member, EU citizens can use either a national identity card or a passport for travelling to our country. For the list of countries whose nationals, holders of simple travel documents, must be in possession of a visa upon entry in the Romanian territory (list drafted according to the provisions of EC Regulation no. 539/2001), as well as for the exceptions to the obligation of getting a Romanian visa, please visit the official website of Romanian’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the “Romanian Visa” Section at their official website.

Landing on the
Bucharest airport.

Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport (Romanian: Aeroportul Internațional Henri Coandă) is Romania’s busiest international airport, located in Otopeni, 16.5 km (10.3 mi) north of Bucharest’s city centre.

Don't Get Lost

From the Airport

After landing in Romania, travelling in the city center is not too hard. You have multiple ways to reach the location of the event and you cand find all required information about them down below.

Uber & Bolt

Uber and Bolt services are available in Bucharest, and you only need to download the apps. If you choose it for your transfer from the airport to the city center, please be aware that they are not allowed to stop in front of the terminals and probably will wait in the parking at the first floor of International Arrivals Terminal. We advise you to use Uber or Bolt services instead of taxi, as they are more price efficient and assure more hight quality services.

By bus

To get to the city center, you can also take the 784 Bus Line which stops in front of the airport and leaves every 30 minutes during the day and every 40 minutes during night time. The Moovit and Info TB apps come in handy, letting you know when the buses are coming.

More information on the routes, prices and payment methods are available on the official website of the Bucharest Transport Company:

» Stations

» Trips

» General Info

The fee for one trip is 3 lei (0,60€) and needs to be loaded on the rechargeable magnetic card. Please note that you have to buy the card before you enter the bus (you can not purchase the ticket from the driver). Don’t forget to tap the card on the orange scanner every time you get on the bus! There is also the possibility to pay your trip by card in the bus, contactless.

By train

There is also a fast connection between Henri Coandă International Airport and Bucharest North Railway Station. You can take a direct train from where you’re landing, that will help you reach the city. Choosing this way of traveling is very cost efficient and can make for a fun trip on the Romanian railway system. More information about it can be found by clicking the links down below:

» General Information about Trains

» Timetable

By taxi

To quickly order a taxi from the airport, it is best to use the touch screens in the arrivals hall which display the time the taxi arrives and its ID number. Take only authorised taxis. A standard price is around 1,99 lei/km (0.45euro/km) plus the starting fee, which is the equivalent of one kilometer ride.

Some companies use the fee of 3.5lei/km (0.8 euro/km), with some variations depending on the time of the day / night when you travel and on the type of car. Before using them, be careful to observe the price printed on the side and, before starting, be sure that the taximeter is on.

You can call a taxi by dialling the following phone numbers: 021 9477, 021 9494, 021 9444, 021 9488.


» Click here for more information about using taxis from the airport to the city center.

All in all, traveling in Bucharest and then navigating the busy city life is not that hard. Please make sure to read all the information we gave you above to ensure that you’ll safely reach the event. We cannot wait to meet you next April in Bucharest for this great meeting.

Afte reaching the destination, feel free to explore the city and don’t forget that if you have any questions, anytime during your trip in Bucharest, you are more than welcome to contact the LOC for help. We are here for you, waiting for all your questions.

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