Our City

A combination
of classy and new.

We like to think of Bucharest, the capital of Romania, as the perfect combination of old and new, illustrated in harmonious mixtures of modern and historical architecture.

discover the city

Some Infos About It

People refer to the capital of Romania as the ,,Little Paris” and we can’t deny that. When walking by the Arch of Triumph, after a whole day of wandering the streets, you will feel like you’re one with the city, embracing its true values and hidden gems

When in Bucharest, you can explore museums and exhibitions and also catch up with the many cultural events by visiting The Village Museum or the National Museum of Art. The most known landmarks of the city include the Presidential Palace, the Romanian Athenaeum, the Palace of Military Circle, and many more.

You can take a moment to see how nature has claimed its place in the city by taking a walk through King Michael I Park after strolling around the Union, Roman and Victory Squares. The city’s Old Town is a bustling site of restaurants, sidewalk cafes and bars, the perfect place where you can have breakfast, lunch, a late dinner and also a great drinking night with your friends.

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