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European Dental Students' Association

The European Dental Students’ Association is a student organisation founded in 1988. It currently represents more than 70,000 dental students across Europe from 35 different countries. EDSA is opened to all associations in the European region that are motivated to make a difference. The aims of this independent organisation is to inform students about European politics regarding dental career, to defend the interests of dental studens and to build a strong unity whose voice would be louder. However, it connects universities together and develops exchange opportunities as well as international collaborations.

The reason why this
conference is happening.

In order to maintain a fruitful relationship between national associations from Europe and also strengthen it, these students have to meet and act as a driving force to make every plan a reality. As that being said, EDSA community meets usually twice a year in the form of EDSA Meetings, conferences such the one you’re discovering right now.

Regarding the Spring of 2024, Bucharest will be the hosting city of the meeting. The LOC is looking forward to meeting you all in Bucharest on 14th -20th of April.

Do not hesitate to register for the official 73rd EDSA Meeting. Help us write another chapter to this beautiful story and feel #aglimpseoftradition together with us.

Come join us

A word from the team
behind this great meeting.

A Word from the LOC

Here are the 7 wonders of the Romanian world in 2024: sunny days, warm hearts, bright minds, colourful imagination, vibrant night life, delicious food and the 73rd EDSA Meeting!

Măriuca Rizea

LOC President

A Word from EDSA

Welcome to Bucharest, the city of joy, where the elegant architecture, sophisticated atmosphere, and the EDSA spirit come together to create a week we'll cherish forever!

Deniz Naz Bilgiç

President of EDSA

A Word from Bucharest

Welcome to Bucharest, where dental excellence meets European unity. Let's learn, share, and inspire one another on this journey of dental discovery. Enjoy your time in our beautiful city, and may this congress be a memorable chapter in your dental education.

Ștefania Penaru

President of LSMDB

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