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Palace of Parliament,
Izvor 2-4, Bucharest,
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Lecture Competition

Embark on a
Scientific Journey.

During your stay in Bucharest you have the amazing opportunity to participate in the Lecture Competition, thus coming forward with ideas and innovations in your field of interest in the Dentistry world.

Understand the Proccess

Discover the Structure

We’ve prepared for you a standard guide to follow while writing your abstract for the Lecture Competition. Down bellow you can find a universal structure for such documents, from which you can build your own creation. Don’t forget that anyone fascinated about science is invited to participate. We are more than excited to see you join the competition and come to our meeting as an active participant in either of the accepted sections: Case Reports & Research.

Abstract Size

Your abstract must fit within the maximum limit of 300 words. Don’t forget to take in account this limitation while writing your entry. We know that it can be difficult to express all your creative ideas in such a small number of words, but, most of the times, delivering ideas in more clearer and shorter sentences can aid in creating the best outcome.

Authors & Qualifications

Don’t forget to mention the authors and co-authors of your paper, which can be a maximum of 5. It’s also very important to add everyone qualifications and academic status. To make this requirement more clearly, take a look at the example bellow:

» John Doe, Assoc. Prof. PhD, MD, MsC

Abstract Sections

In the scientific world, writing your abstract usually needs to follow the universal IMRaD structure, already a norm in all fields. To be considered valid, your abstract should be structured in accordance to this formula, thus containing the following sections: Introduction, Purpose, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussions, Conclusion and Key-words (3-5).

Time Limitation

Lastly, depending on the type or article that you are writing, you need to limit your presentation to the following durations:

» Case Report: 3 minutes to deliver your ideas

» Research: 6 minutes to present your finding

We know that it can sound very limiting, but try to resume your speech only to what matters the most in your scientific work.

More details about the submission process for your abstract will be posted on our website and social media pages soon. Until then, start preparing your work, as we know that creating amazing scientific papers is a long and sometimes tiring process. We recommend you start early so that you’ll be able to optimise your workflow to get the best possible results. We encourage you to participate in this event and we’re here for you if any help is needed during your scientific journey.

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